Five Free Poetry Workshops!

At the start of January, you may remember that here I shared a workshop I’d created on how to write golden shovels. This was part of the Return to Form project we’ve been running at I Am Loud Productions, showcasing different forms of poetry. In this series we featured the golden shovel, the Shakespearean sonnet, univocal poetry, concrete poetry, and the sestina. For each form, we both commissioned two Scotland-based writers to create new work in that form and I created an in-depth digital workshop leading you through how to write in that form.

We wrapped up this project yesterday and I’m delighted to share it with you now! The work the poets created in this forms is fantastic, and I’m really proud of the workshops I delivered as well. Hopefully these will serve as helpful resources to poets of all experience levels, inspiring folks to write new material and perhaps test out a new form they hadn’t previously used.

All of the workshops in this series are closed captioned and accessible through our YouTube channel. They’re designed for ages 14+ and clearly explain terms and techniques for those with little experience in writing poetry. They’re free for anyone to use, so if you’re an educator, please feel free to share these with your students and anyone else that you think might be able to use them.

I’m embedding all of the workshops in this post, but you can also find them in this playlist on our YouTube channel. You can watch all of the brilliant poems created for this project at this playlist. And if you enjoy these materials, please do Like the videos and Subscribe to our channel—it makes a huge difference in terms of allowing us to continue creating this work.

This project was funded by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland. You can find more information about the project and the poets featured in it at this page on our website. Huge thanks to the rest of the I Am Loud team for their support creating these workshops! Hope you enjoy them.—K


2 thoughts on “Five Free Poetry Workshops!

  1. Carly Brown says:

    These were so fun! I’ve only worked my way through two of them but looking forward to doing the others in the upcoming weeks. You really managed to break down the forms into simple and easy to follow steps. I’d also never heard of some of the forms before (‘golden shovel’) so that was neat to be introduced to a new form too. Thanks for these 🙂

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    • katieailes says:

      Thanks so much, Carly! I’m really glad they’ve sparked new material for you – it was my hope that they would be useful to writers with a range of experience levels, from brand new to old hat (per se!) so I’m happy they’ve introduced you to new forms. Please do keep commenting with your work – that golden shovel about the cat thieves was so good!

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