Live-streamed Gig Tomorrow! & #NaPoWriMo Loudcasts

Hello all! Hope you're coping OK through this stressful time. Tomorrow (Saturday, 2nd May) evening I'm delighted to be performing in Quarantine Cabaret! This is a fantastic initiative showcasing Scottish musicians, poets, and comedians through live-streamed online gigs. They're streaming over Instagram Live every Saturday evening at 7:30pm GMT. Tomorrow I'll be performing some brand-new … Continue reading Live-streamed Gig Tomorrow! & #NaPoWriMo Loudcasts

Starting the PhD: Another Journey Begins!

Now I'm back to the academic schedule, however, and delighted to announce that this October I'm beginning my PhD in English at the University of Strathclyde! I will be researching the way spoken word poetry is used in the U.K. for the expression of marginalised identities. I have many questions I'll be investigating, includin

Is it OK to perform another slam poet’s work?

Recently a friend asked me an excellent, difficult question concerning reproductions of spoken word poems and the ethics of performing someone else's poem. Her query is below: I enjoyed watching the videos of you performing your poems. It got me thinking (I know you wrote a blog post about the difference between writing poetry specifically for … Continue reading Is it OK to perform another slam poet’s work?

“Swallow”: When Poems are Misinterpreted

One of the first slam poems I wrote is a two-minute piece called "Swallow" which concerns the nuances of female fertility, sterility, and contraception (the poem can be watched here). In the autobiographical piece I express my sadness over the unfairness inherent in a situation in which I, as a young, presumably fertile woman, have the ability … Continue reading “Swallow”: When Poems are Misinterpreted

Artistic Crossovers: How Dance Helps with Performance Poetry

Although today I identify chiefly as a poet, dance has always been a fundamental element of how I define myself artistically. I began training in classical ballet at the age of five and continued through university, getting a degree in Dance and choreography in the modern style ('contemporary' in British terminology). I’m grateful for this training for … Continue reading Artistic Crossovers: How Dance Helps with Performance Poetry