Free Workshop on Golden Shovel Poems!

Hello all! As I mentioned in my last post, over the past few months the team at I Am Loud Productions has been running a project entitled Return to Form exploring different poetic forms. Part of this project entails the creation of five free digital workshops explaining these forms—golden shovel, univocal, Shakespearean sonnet, sestina, and concrete—and leading the viewer step-by-step through how to use them. I’ve been enjoying designing, filming, and editing these workshops, and today I’m delighted to share the first one with you! It’s focused on the golden shovel, an exciting new form invented in 2010 by the American poet Terrance Hayes. Take the workshop here:

All of the workshops in this series are fully closed captioned and have been designed to be accessible to ages 14+ with any level of experience in writing poetry. You can learn more about this project through our website, here.

We’ll be releasing the other four workshops weekly throughout this January, and I’ll be sharing them as they come out. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see them first! I really hope you enjoy these, and please do share your work with me in the comments below the video! Thanks, and happy writing!

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