New project: Return to Form

Exciting news! Earlier this year, you may remember that I shared a poetry video from I Am Loud Productions featuring new erasure poems by myself and Mark Gallie, designed and edited by Perry Jonsson. I also shared an accompanying digital workshop that I created on composing erasure poetry.

These resources were created as part of a pilot series in which we at I Am Loud were testing a new concept. We wanted to prove that despite stereotypes to the contrary, spoken word poets are highly skilled at utilising various literary techniques, including writing in poetic forms. We also wanted to create free, accessible educational resources for students and other writers breaking down these forms and teaching people how to use them. It can be easy to think of poetic forms as useless, dead things—what the heck is a sestina, anyway??—and we wanted to show that they can be vibrant tools for contemporary writers to expand their creativity.

So, we were over the moon when we successfully received funding from Creative Scotland to deliver this project on a large scale!

We’re pairing up ten of our favourite spoken word poets and challenging each pair to create separate, brand new work in the same poetic form inspired by the same prompt. The five poetic forms we’re featuring are univocal poetry, concrete poetry, sestinas, sonnets, and golden shovels. These poems will be brought to life visually by our amazing cinematography and editing team.

Plus, for each form I’m creating a new digital workshop taking you step-by-step through how to compose in that form. These workshops will be oriented towards beginners, so if you don’t know your tetrameter from your envoi, that’s A-OK!

All of this will be closed-captioned and released for free through our YouTube channel. Subscribe now so you don’t miss any of the videos or workshops!

If you haven’t yet seen the workshops or videos from earlier this year, I’ve linked to them below. I also created a full-length digital workshop on ekphrastic poetry which we released exclusively for our Community Tier Patrons. If you’d like to support the work we do at I Am Loud and receive early access, exclusive content, and other perks, you can sign up here: and thanks!

For more information on the Return to Form project, including the poets featured, check out this page on our website. We can’t wait to roll out these new videos soon—stay tuned! -K

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