New workshops! *Return to Form Season 2*

Hello all! It’s been a busy, busy summer; I realise the last time I posted was to announce that Loud Poets were returning to live events at the Edinburgh Fringe. Happily, that went wonderfully; it was such a joy to return to a physical stage and share space with our audiences. Thank you so much to everyone who attended! If you missed it, don’t worry – we caught it all on film! Over the next wee while we’ll be gradually releasing videos from the show on our YouTube channel for free for you to enjoy. But if you want to watch the full, unabridged shows now, you can sign up now to the On Demand tier of our Patreon! The shows from our first night are up there now (ft. myself, Bex Sherwood, and Georgia Bartlett-McNeil), and we’ll be posting the rest soon.

The I Am Loud team has been busy offstage as well, though – this spring we were delighted to receive funding for a second, expanded season of our Return to Form project. This means we’ve gotten to work with 16 amazing UK-based poets to commission new work, plus I’ve gotten to develop 12 (!) new workshops on poetic form! All of the videos are being fully closed-captioned and released for free on our YouTube channel.

The season kicks off with a mini-series called Form Fundamentals in which I break down the basics of poetic form, from structure to rhyme to metre. We shared the first episode yesterday (defining form) and I’ve linked to it below. It’s been a joy to research and create these resources, and I really hope that they’re helpful to you in your writing practice. If you know any educators that might find them handy, please feel free to share them – they’re designed for ages 14+ and totally free. Enjoy! -K

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