New Poem: “Brightest”

For the seventh (!!) birthday of I Am Loud Productions, this past couple of weeks we’ve been sharing poetry by the members of our team. Today we’ve released a video of one of my poems, performed live at our sixth birthday show last February at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. This was one of my last gigs before we went into lockdown; I can’t wait to get into venues again and experience the unique joys of live performance, onstage and in the audience.

Although this is the first time we’ve publicly shared this poem, this is actually one of my older pieces, and one I hold quite dear. It’s an ode of sorts to one of my closest, oldest friends and a way of putting into words some of the experiences and emotions which too often we leave unsaid.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please do Like the video and Subscribe to our channel. It really helps us to continue documenting this poetry and to share it as widely as possible. Thanks! —Katie

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