Recent Feminist Publications

Over the past few years I’ve enjoyed collaborating with Dr. Yvette Taylor and Dr. Maddie Breeze, researchers at the University of Strathclyde, on various projects concerning contemporary feminism. In the past month two of these projects have been published, and I’m delighted to finally be able to share them!

First, I was honoured to write the foreword for Yvette and Maddie’s innovative, important text Feminist Repetitions in Higher Education: Interrupting Career Categories (Palgrave 2020). This text questions, provokes, and interrupts assumptions about the feminist’s role in higher education: how do we resist problematic structures? When does performing feminist acts mean capitulating to these structures: and how do we juggle the contradictions inherent to being a feminist in higher education? In my foreword I discussed my at-times turbulent journey to claiming my feminism within academia. The book is out in print and in ebook format now via this link.

Second, when Yvette invited me to contribute a blurb on ‘feminism in our times’ earlier this summer to a publication she was putting together, it was a great opportunity to consider where this movement in situated in this turbulent period. The text has just been published and I’m blown away by it! Feminism in Our Times: Crises, Connections & Cares has been gorgeously illustrated by Samia Singh and features thought-provoking contributions from many academics, organisers, and others with wide-ranging perspectives on feminism. It’s open-access under a Creative Commons license, so you can download and read it for free through this link.

I’ve shared my pages below:

Particularly for me as an early career academic and emerging artist, it’s deeply reassuring when more senior figures in my fields have faith in my writing and theorising. Thank you to Yvette and Maddie for giving me that confidence! I’m looking forward to continuing my journey as a feminist within academia.—Katie

2 thoughts on “Recent Feminist Publications

  1. sdodson2014 says:

    A fine perspective on feminism, Katie, on your page in the new book! It’s cool to read an organic, vibrant approach! Love, Mom

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