You can watch all of my poetry videos via this YouTube playlist.

“For My Daughter.” Commissioned by the YWCA Scotland for their Envision 2035 campaign in autumn 2015. Filmed and edited by Perry Jonsson.

“Outwith.” Filmed by Perry Jonsson at the Scottish Poetry Library in 2017.

“Brightest.” Performed live at Loud Poets: Six Candles, 19 Feb 2020 at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

“Lemons.” Filmed by Perry Jonsson, musical accompaniment composed and performed by Sam Thorne and Jack Hinks. Shot at the Gosforth Civic Theatre in Newcastle on tour with Loud Poets in spring 2018.

“Dear.” Video and interview filmed for Fathers Network Scotland in early 2016.

“Polos,” 2015, filmed by Perry Jonsson with original music composed and performed by Sam Thorne & Fiona Liddell. Read the post on how Polos was made here.

“Calluses.” Co-written with Jack Hinks for The Grind in May 2016; filmed in Prague by Perry Jonsson whilst on tour with Loud Poets.