“the sharp-edged and witty delivery of Katie Ailes highlights her as a key figure on the spoken word scene. Her final poem, discussing the influence of her father on her life, exudes an incredible gravity and picks at the most sacred parts of the listeners’ hearts.”

—”Loud Poets: To Infinity and Beyond,” reviewed by Brooke Stanish, 25 September 2018.


“This poem by American Katie Ailes – a spoken word performance poet whose work also reads beautifully on the page – is a captivating, fond, witty  piece about the absorption and use of language and accent and becoming part of a culture.”

—Catherine Lockbie on “Outwith,” for Best Scottish Poems 2016.


“Katie Ailes’ Homing is a transition between the borders of the homes we create for ourselves – whether they be stemmed from childhood or ones we find along the way as our lives begin to take shape.”

—Review of Homing by Jade Mitchell in Words Dance. Oct 21, 2015.


“A definitive highlight is a dance/film poem piece from Katie Ailes. She performs an eloquent dance in front of a projected film of herself reading a poem. The result is a mesmerising love letter to her dance teacher.”

—Review of Hidden Door 2017 – Day 2 by Steven Fraser. 29 May 2017. 


“Our headliner was American poet, Katie Ailes, one of the Loud Poets, with a powerful and dramatic set. Her letter for the daughter she might have in the future was intensely moving.”

—Jean Rafferty: Worldwide Reading for Ashraf Fayadh. Feb 4, 2016


“Punters lured in by the promise of a free beer and a pie can hear some talented performers, not least Loud Poets, an Edinburgh-Glasgow collective represented at StAnza by Kevin Mclean and Katie Ailes Mclean, who had some excellent material, but Ailes had the stand-out poem: ‘Outwith’, a portrait of her time as an American in Scotland, absorbing new Scots words into her vocabulary – a feeling that would have struck a chord with more than one St Andrews student.”

— “Ear to the Ground: A Survey of StAnza 2016” by Tristram Fane Saunders