Mirroring Sylvia: My Journey to PlathFest

Sylvia Plath was my first literary love, so this year it’s been an utter joy to work on the Sylvia Plath Literary Festival! I’m doing publicity and blogging for the festival, which is a special one-off event taking place this October in Hebden Bridge and Heptonstall. Our programme features workshops, readings, discussions, and even a seance! Tickets for all events go on sale this upcoming Monday, 15th August.

To kick off our blog, I wrote an essay about my intense, rich relationship with Sylvia Plath, which began when I was a teenager. You can read it now on the PlathFest website. Enjoy, and hope to see you in October!

2 thoughts on “Mirroring Sylvia: My Journey to PlathFest

  1. Sydney says:

    I was pleased to be doorperson and barperson this evening. I feel foolish at having done no homework on either the event or you beforehand. So I’m happy to have caught up somewhat after the event. Please do keep me in your blogs.



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