Interview: The Importance of Accessibility and Storytelling

Back in 2018, the I Am Loud Productions crew toured England with our latest ensemble show, featuring spoken word poetry, live music, and film. We began at VAULT Festival in London, swung up to Hull for an evening with the Pub Corner Poets, and ended in Newcastle at the Gosforth Civic Theatre. The GCT was the perfect place to wrap up an exhilarating and exhausting tour—it’s a wonderfully welcoming venue designed to serve its local community. While we were there, Kevin Mclean and I did an interview with their team discussing the importance of accessibility in the performing arts (across various denotations of the term) as well as the power of personal storytelling. The GCT has just released a great video of that interview, intercut with footage from our show there. You can watch it below; enjoy! – Katie

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