Upcoming (Insta)Gig! Something Borrowed with Harry Baker

Hi folks! Hope you’re all doing well.

Tomorrow I’m delighted to be guesting on Harry Baker’s weekly show ‘Something Borrowed’! Harry is a world-famous spoken word artist, specialising in verbal dexterity (his rap and rhyming skills are exquisite) and uplifting lyricism. He often partners with musician Chris Read as duo Harry & Chris (of course!), performing hilarious and touching comedy-rap-jazz (which you might not think would work, but it definitely does). Harry’s not only immensely talented but one of the kindest, most supportive folks in the U.K. poetry scene: it’s always a joy to work with him.

‘Something Borrowed’ is Harry’s weekly conversation show in which he and a guest share a new poem, an old poem, a borrowed poem, and (you guessed it) a blue poem. It goes out live on Harry’s Instagram channel (@harrybakerpoet) each Wednesday at 7pm (BST) then the audio recording is released later as a podcast, available across all major platforms. More information on how to access it, plus links, can be found on Harry’s website. 

I’ll be guesting Wednesday, 29th July. It’s completely free to watch – please join in and say hi in the comments! Thanks, folks. Hope you have a lovely week. -K

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