New Loudcast Episode: Criticising Spoken Word

Hello all!

Quick post today: I wanted to share with you the latest episode of the I Am Loud Productions Loudcast. These are weekly video and audio podcasts which showcase spoken word poems and feature in-depth conversations about various facets of spoken word craft. For this week’s episode I sat down with Kevin Mclean to discuss how to critique spoken word poetry. I share some insights from my PhD research into contemporary UK spoken word, specifically the performance of authenticity in our scene. Plus I revisit a poem I put to bed years ago and we discuss whether or not the poet is responsible for how their work is (mis)interpreted. The Loudcast begins by featuring three fantastic poems by Carly Brown, Lloyd Robinson, and Nadia Freeman which are definitely worth a watch.

You can watch on YouTube below via the link above, or if you prefer purely audio podcasts you can now stream or download the Loudcast wherever you listen to podcasts (links here to iTunes & Libsyn).

Plus Kev and I kept talking after this video ended – we recorded about 20 minutes more conversation as an exclusive extra for our Patreon supporters. To watch, sign up here!

Thanks so much! Hope you’re well. – K

One thought on “New Loudcast Episode: Criticising Spoken Word

  1. Carly Brown says:

    Yay! Thanks so much for featuring my poem ‘Reading Fifty Shades of Grey’ on the podcast! I enjoyed the discussion around your PhD research, and think your work is doing a lot for the spoken word community, helping to define and develop a critical framework for evaluating spoken word work. Very needed! Great podcast and looking forward to hearing the next ones. – Carly x

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