Article for Sabotage Reviews: “What Cult?”

Hello everyone! If you follow poetry in the UK, you’ll probably be aware of an article that was published by PN Review in January entitled “The Cult of the Noble Amateur” by Rebecca Watts. In the article, Watts excoriates Hollie McNish’s book Plum in a rude, uninformed manner. I, alongside many other poets, critics, and fans of McNish, took issue with the tone and content of this article and decided to write a reply. I submitted a letter to the editor of PN Review; however, it was rejected for publication as they’d already gone to print with the next issue and my letter was too lengthy. However, the wonderful folks at Sabotage Reviews happily agreed to publish the letter on their site. I’m linking to it below – and while you’re on the Sabotage site, check out the many great reviews of spoken word and other literature they publish! Thanks as always for reading. – K

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