Misconstruing ‘Slam Poetry’ in Popular Media

Hi everyone! Today I'm posting in response to a frustrating effect I've noticed in the public perception of 'slam poetry.' For my research, I subscribe to Google News updates which send me daily emails with links to every media article posted that day containing the words "performance poetry," "spoken word," or "slam poetry." Usually these emails are … Continue reading Misconstruing ‘Slam Poetry’ in Popular Media

To Publish or Not to Publish Performance Poetry

Being a performance poet means fantastic live exposure: one can interact with the audience, contextualise poems through between-poem chat, adapt the set for the setting, etc. However, as great as this physical exposure and audience engagement is, performance poetry as a genre also carries with it the drawback that it is ultimately ephemeral. The audience may love your work, but at … Continue reading To Publish or Not to Publish Performance Poetry

Is it OK to perform another slam poet’s work?

Recently a friend asked me an excellent, difficult question concerning reproductions of spoken word poems and the ethics of performing someone else's poem. Her query is below: I enjoyed watching the videos of you performing your poems. It got me thinking (I know you wrote a blog post about the difference between writing poetry specifically for … Continue reading Is it OK to perform another slam poet’s work?

“Swallow”: When Poems are Misinterpreted

One of the first slam poems I wrote is a two-minute piece called "Swallow" which concerns the nuances of female fertility, sterility, and contraception (the poem can be watched here). In the autobiographical piece I express my sadness over the unfairness inherent in a situation in which I, as a young, presumably fertile woman, have the ability … Continue reading “Swallow”: When Poems are Misinterpreted