Ailes’ first pamphlet, Homing, was published in August 2015. It chronicles journeys in search of home: across oceans, through families, with love.






One of nine female Scotland-based poets published in the pilot House of Three series in summer 2016, sharing a book with Katy Ewing and Iona Lee. Available here.






Featured on the CD Loud Poets: I, accompanied by musicians from the band Ekobirds.





“Outwith” featured as The Herald‘s “Poem of the Day” on 8 August, 2016. Link here.

Glasgow Women Poets anthology (published summer 2016): “Outwith,” “Homing,” “September 2014” selected for publication.

The editors of Quotidian magazine asked me to write a guide on how to read poetry; in response I wrote the poem “How to Read a Poem,” published on their website 18 Feb 2016 and in the print copy of their second edition.

“This Little Light of Mine” is published in the Oct. 2015 issue of Friends Journal, an international Quaker magazine, and on their website here.