Appearance in the Process Productions mini-documentary “UniSlam | The UK National University Poetry Slam and Summit.” 12 June 2018.

Interviewed for Herald Magazine feature “Father’s Day: three People With Very Different Stories Talk About How Their Fathers Influenced Their Lives.” 9 June 2018, print & web publication.

Called for comment and cited in “Digital Verse: how do I love the… Let me count my Instagram followers.” The Herald, 18 March 2018.

Interview with Jess Orr for the Dangerous Women Project. 19 Feb 2017.

Interviewed for and featured in every episodes of the Process Productions mini-documentary series “Score Please.” Watch episodes: “Episode 1 – Welcome to the Slam,” “Episode 2 – All About Style,” “Episode 3 (Mini) – We’re Going Through Changes,” “Episode 4 – Judge Dread,” “Episode 5 – This Is For My People,” “Episode 6 – This Ain’t A Scene,” “Episode 7 – At Least It Was Here,” and “Episode 8 (Finale) – We’re Going To Regionals.”

Poem of the Day: Outwith by Katie Ailes. The Herald. 9 August 2016.

Amazing Babe: Katie Ailes. Interview by Sophie Pellegrini for Tigress Magazine for Girls. 13 Feb. 2016.

“Video: In dance and poetry, Katie Ailes ’14 tells a story about her childhood dance teacher.” Doug Hubley. Bates College website. 4 Dec. 2015.

“Glasgow’s Clutha Bar hosts event for poet Ashraf Fayadh, facing execution in Saudi Arabia.” Robbie Armstrong. Jan 14, 2016. The National.

Article by Jade Mitchell: “Scotland’s Slam Poets,” June 2015.

Review of Inky Fingers (3 Feb. 2015) in the Edinburgh Feminist Review.


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