I am experienced in editing poetry for various projects, with a particular interest in the process of editing spoken word poetry for print publication. I enjoy experimenting within various transcription styles to convey through typography some of the energy and tonal shifts of live performance.

In early 2020 I edited Scotland-based writer Carly Brown’s second poetry pamphlet, Anastasia, Look in the Mirror (Stewed Rhubarb Press).  Carly is a wonderfully versatile and experimental poet, writing for both page and stage, using a variety of forms, and even playing with different languages in her work. It was a fun challenge for us to bring together an eclectic mix of poems threaded together thematically and work out how best to publish them. The pamphlet is a dynamic romp through different time periods and stories underpinned by a deeply meaningful commentary on womanhood, sexuality, performance, and relationships. You can pre-order it now!


In 2016 I co-edited the collection Aiblins: New Scottish Political Poetry (Luath Press, 2016). Aiblins features previously unpublished poetry by contemporary Scottish writers on a wide range of political subjects, including immigration, the constitutional question, LGBTQ+ rights, socioeconomic inequality, the environment, and local issues. This process entailed not only the editorial work of soliciting, selecting, and arranging the poems within the book but also the administrative work of obtaining funding for the project, organising book launches, and publicising the book. You can purchase Aiblins here. 




In 2016 I served as poetry editor of Quotidian magazine, a literary journal run through the University of Strathclyde for students across Scotland.

 In 2015 I formatted spoken word artist Kevin Mclean’s debut pamphlet Learning to Write.

If you are interested in working with me on editorial and/or publication projects, please contact me here or by emailing me via kathryn.a.ailes (at) gmail.com.