Scottish Poetry Library: commissioned to respond poetically to the film ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ (“To Leave Bedford Falls,” 5 Dec. 2018).

Shelter UK: commissioned to write a poem for a charity run promotion video and appeared in that video (April 2018).

Future X Global: commissioned to write a poem for the Scotland Can Do campaign (Apr. 2018).

StAnza (Scotland’s International Poetry Festival) and the Glasgow Women’s Library: commissioned to write a poem responding to an item from the GWL’s suffragette archive (“A quiet revolution,” Jan. 2018).

Experimental Words: commissioned to work with a scientist to produce a new collaborative poem and perform it at the Scottish Storytelling Centre (“Where does the sky end,” 14 June 2017).

Rally & Broad: commissioned to compose a collaborative performance poem with Catherine Wilson for Ampersand Editions (“Anxiety,” 21 Feb. 2016).

Young Women’s Movement Scotland: commissioned to write “For My Daughter” for their #Envision2035 campaign (Oct. 2015).

Quotidian Magazine: commissioned to write an introduction to poetry for Issue II (“How to Read a Poem,” 2016).